One of the main reasons home owners or apartment dwellers shy from shopping for furnishings is that they really cannot express what they really want. The thought of Interior Design becomes a very complex issue because of a misunderstanding of style and the conception that hiring a professional Interior Designer is prohibitivly expensive.

Both of these objections have been overcome by the on line design firm Havenly. These folks have broken the mold and revolutionize Interior Design. They begin the user experience with a survey that is designed to define the taste or temperature the consumer has for design. Once this is done, Havenly selects a few designers from their contracted list of over 100 to interview the client, The client then picks the designer they like best, collaaborate together, personalize a design, visualize the space by way of a 3D rendering, come to the approval stage, then, with the help of their new found partner, shop some 200+ retailers in the Havenly network.

Once the purchasing is done, the parcels are packed and shipped for free to the customer. Once everything arrives pieces are place according to the final floor, wall and ceiling plan. How much simpler could this process be? Havenly asked that question before contriving its business plan and answered it very handsomely.

So, you ask, how can they determine my individual design preference. Take a look at the photos below. Each represents a particular decor. The client is asked to select the one they like best. Based upon their selection the survey drills down through a sequence of other visuals and determines the style that most likely suits the visitors taste.  

                  moreclassic.jpg     inbetween.jpg    moremodern.jpg
                                  More Classic                                                      In Between                                              More Modern

With respect to expense, Havenly covers this very nicely with a price list based on a one room make over.Trust us when we tell you that it is very reasonable. Much less than one would pay for a local professional to come to their home, figure out the correct style and then through experimentation try to satisfy the eager buyer. The local  pro will paid based on time and material and be compensated for the furnishings he purchases for the client.

So, if style and expense issues are holding you back from making your home YOUR HOME, visit Kick the tires and see for yourself how simple the process is.