Tips to Lighting Your Kitchen

Lighting your kitchen can be difficult -- you will need light for functional purposes and decorative purposed – which is why layered light in your kitchen is essential!

What do we mean “layered” light? Simply that you include more than one source and style of lighting and light fixtures.

As your central point of light in your kitchen, you can use a chandelier. The placement of a chandelier in your kitchen should be above an island or the kitchen table. Additionally, it is best to use a chandelier with semi-transparent glass shades – as this will illuminate your space with bright, yet soft light.

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Finally, to add to your central point of light, you can use under cabinet lighting to create an ambient glow throughout the area that helps to not only illuminate your space, but also brings a warm and welcome feel to your space.

Our last kitchen lighting tip of the day is to avoid lighting your kitchen with floor or table lamps. These lights are bulky and would take up too much space in a kitchen – leaving you with less kitchen-area work space for cooking and hosting company.

Nan and EJ Mehl

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