Tips for decorating your Home

When decorating your home there are a lot of factors that come into play – lighting, furniture, color schemes, accent pieces and more. Today, we are going to break down a few major points to help you create a space that allows you to feel at home and comfortable.

Use a central focal point in your space.Your focal point can be anything -- a painting, family photo, sculpture or even a mirror. Using accent and focal lighting, you can direct the attention to your room’s signature piece. The focal piece should set the tone for the rest of the space – so if your piece is contemporary, your room’s accent pieces should compliment that design.

Layer your Lighting.Layering your light allows you to set the mood of your room based on the activity in your space -- Hosting company, watching a movie, whatever the activity, layered light allows you to offer the ‘perfect’ lighting for any task.

Finally, be bold -- from furniture to your color scheme.Whether you choose a crystal chandelier or a bright, bold color, including a bold statement in your space will add personality to your room. Unexpected pieces can also offer a bold and dramatic look. For example, in a room of monotone colored furniture and décor adding a light fixture like this red Five Light Polished Chandelier, which will offer an unexpected, bold pop of color.

Red Chandelier

Nan and EJ Mehl

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