Three Tips to Lighting Your Dining Room

Three tips to Lighting your Dining Room

Your dining room can be a difficult area to decide how to light. Depending on what the occasion is, you may want a brightly lit room or a room with more intimate ambiance lighting. That’s why having multiple sources of light in your dining room can proove to be very beneficial for the functionality of your space.

Combining sconces with chandeliers or sconces and recessed lighting, you’ll be able to light the room any way necessary for whatever daily routines and special occassions come your way!

Here are three tips to help get you started on lighting your dining room.

1. Choose a chandelier to hang over your dining room table that matches or complements your dining room table. For example, this chandelier matches not only the color, but also the style of the dining room table. Because of this, the two make an elegant pair.

2.  Lighting sources, such as a chandelier, in your dining room should be about 12 inches smaller than the dining room table in all directions.

3.  Finally, when adding different sources of light in your dining room, think vertically and horizontally. Meaning, your sconces should all be centered between the floor and the ceiling and each adjoining wall.

If you’re looking for sophisticated elegance for your dining room, then we recommend checking out matching wall sconces. These will add a sense of elegance to the dining room even during the day when not lit. Come evening, let the light show begin!

Crystorama Sconce

Between style, color, shape and more, trying to find the right light sources for your dining room can prove difficult. But, if you know the overall style and ambiance you’re looking for in a room, it can become much easier and more managable to narrow your options and make a decision.

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