Three Tips to Better Lighting in Your Finished Basement

So, you have a beautifully finished basement, but there is not much natural light. Bringing in your own sources of light can be a little tricky -- Not enough light or too much light can ruin a room’s design and overall mood. Today, we are brining you three tips to lighting your basement.

#1 Basement Lighting Tip:

When installing recessed lighting, position your lights close enough to each other that they’re consistently light a particular space in your basement, but not so close that the light because harsh and too direct. The ideal “rule-of-thumb” is 18 to 24 inches away from each other. This also helps to create the illusion of a larger space.

#2 Basement Lighting Tip:

Recessed lighting is almost always going to be a staple in your basement’s lighting, but don’t forget to include other points of light. Layering your light sources not only allow you to set different moods, but they also light the space more adequately. Try using a few hanging pendent lights, like this Elk Desert Winds Pendent, to add additional points of light in a fun, basement friendly light source.

Basement Lighting

#3 Basement Lighting Tip:

Finally, the last tip has (almost) nothing to do with lighting or the light sources themselves. Use bright colors in your basement. With the right lighting from recessed lighting and hanging lights in your basement, these bright colors will work to make the space feel warmer and brighter for your guests! Try accentuating bright colors throughout your space by using brightly colored rugs, wall décor and paint!

Nan and EJ Mehl

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