Three Tips for Small Office/Home Office Design

Just because you work from home or have a smaller office does not mean it can’t be designed and decorated exactly how you’d like it! With the correct lighting and the implementation of these design tips, your space will be just ‘perfect’ for you!

Small Office Design Tip 1:

Light it up! Lighting your space properly can make it feel larger than it really is. Brighter space is also better on your eyes when you are working, so it serves a very practical purpose as well! Use multiple sources of light – overhead and task lighting will make a great fit into your workspace. Check out this desklamp from Anglepoise. Not only will the yellow hue add a soft, welcome feel, it can also be pointed in whatever direction is necessary for you to properly complete your work in your small office!

Small Office Design Tip 2:

Don’t forget to brand your space. Even if you work from a home office, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t brand your space. By including logos and company-related materials hanging on your wall or even on display on your desk will help to remind you why you’re there and, if you do have professional acquaintances over to your home office, it’ll offer a more professional appearance. In addition to having your company’s logo – incorporate the colors of your brand in your furniture and even on your walls!

Small Office Design Tip 3:

Finally, for your final small office/home office design tip. Try including a mirror on a wall in your space. We suggest any wall that is not behind your computer, simply for privacy purposes. But, including a large mirror on your wall will create the illusion of a larger space and it’ll also reflect light, making it more warm and inviting!

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Nan and EJ Mehl

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