Three things you must know about Accent Lighting

Including Accent lighting in any space can add a soft, aesthetically pleasing look in your home. Accent light will directly feature an area or focal point in your room – whether you’re looking to accentuate artwork, a sculpture or simply a space in your home – accent lighting will ensure it stands out from the rest of the décor in your room.

The type of accent lighting you choose will depend on what you’re featuring in your space. Accent light can be anything from sconces to artwork lighting to cabinet lights and today, we’re going to share with you how to best use accent lighting in your home décor.

Sconce Lighting. Sconces can serve a dual purpose for your home’s design – they can offer accent lighting and, also, serve as a decorative piece. Sconces are a great way to accentuate an area – such as a hallway or mirror in a bathroom. Sconces are generally used in a space that simply needs a little ‘extra’ illumination. Place sconces next to a photo, painting or mirror and they’ll create an engaging focal point for those decorative pieces. This Z-Lite Wall Sconce in Finished Java Bronze is a perfect example of how a sconce can turn into a decorative piece in addition to creating accent light for your space. The unique design and color are certain to draw attention!

Z-Lite Sconce

Cabinet Lighting. Under cabinet lighting is generally seen in kitchens and finished basements, however, it can sometime work in a bathroom as well. Under cabinet lighting provides a practical purpose by accentuating a workspace – especially in a kitchen, where the countertop underneath the cabinet is generally where your food prep is handled. In general, accent lighting beneath a cabinet will create a soft glow in addition to the overhead lighting in your kitchen or basement.

Track Lighting. Track lighting is great because it can create very focused and directional lighting and therefore serves as a great tool to bring accent light to any object that you intend to have as the focal point in your space. Track lighting is ideal for illuminating tables, countertops, furniture or artwork, because of its ability to emit direct and focused light on an area.

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