The AD 100 Weighs In On Design Trends for 2016

Architectural Digest has done some pretty intensive research by interviewing many of the interior designers that contribute to their magnificent publication. AD wanted to get their spin on what to expect in design trends in 2016 and beyond. The dialog represents what is happening to this NOW world that we live in. The advent of the 3-D printer to using as much reclaimed resources to preserve our world makes for some very creative commentary. We thought we would share some of these insights with you.

Leroy Street Studio: "We predict a growing design trend toward elemental materials and forms. .....many architects and designers are having a bit of a rebellion against technology and refinement in the objects they create, taking a more playful and even irreverent tone."

Robert Stilin:  "Modern is here to stay but I think we are going to see much more of push of modern mixed with traditional."

Isabel Lopez-Quesada: "Mix, mix and mix! The old and the new, 18th century with 20th, colors, plants in the houses again, and the houses must be more and more real and authenticas than ever."

We will continue this dialogue over the next week or so.  These are pretty exciting times for designers of all sorts, both professional and motif driven homeowners.