Small Office/Home Office Design

Decorating your small or home office can be a lot of fun – even though you are working with a smaller space, you have a lot of room for creativity. From colors, to lighting to wall décor and furniture – you have a lot of choices to make for your small office space.

We are here today to give you a few ideas and tips on decorating your space.

Small Office Tip 1: Lighting, light and lighting. Lighting is so important in any space, but most especially a small space. Have you ever chosen a hotel room with little natural light and fluorescent bulbs – probably not, so why have your small office include unflattering light? We love these Bruck hanging lights and love the open look that the windows give this small office/conference room.

Small office design

Small Office Tip 2: Decide on a general theme or style. Make sure your space is cohesive by sticking with one style. Whether your choice is to go more contemporary or more rustic-chic, make sure to see it through in all your décor!

Small Office Tip 3: Finally, try to bring in some nature –especially if your space does not offer a lot of window or natural light. You can also get more creative than just brining in a plant or potted tree – try including photograph or wall art that incorporates nature more subtlety. Like this Uttermost “Nature’s Walk Landscape” painting.

Office Artwork

Nan and EJ Mehl

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