PurpleWall.com has "Disrupted" the Interior Design Process!

The other day we announced our Strategic Alliance with PurpleWall.com. This is a very exciting opportunity for the entire ClarkBetty.com community. For the very first time anyone can take control of the interior design experience with a click of a mouse. This means that when you have the urge to redecorate with furnishings from ClarkBetty.com you can access the 500+design professionals at PurpleWall.com. The copy below was written by the founders ofPurpleWall.com to best describe their technology, please have a read:

"PurpleWall is a revolutionary and simple (but far from simplistic) way to have Interior Design at your fingertips. By helping to connect talented designers directly to the virtual doorsteps of residents looking to style their rooms, we break open the possibilities for transforming a space.

PurpleWall is flipping the traditional, analog way of finding a designer only in your nearby area and instead digitizing the interior design experience to make it more accessible, affordable and stress-free. Now realizing your dream room with a designer who perfectly compliments your unique style and budget has never been easier.

We believe beautifully designed rooms shouldn't just be for the rich and famous. We believe designing should be fun and engaging. We believe in options and transparency. We believe every room deserves to be loved, not just liked."

Please visit www.PurpleWall.com to check out how easy, accessible and affordable working with a designer remotely can be! So just "Start a Project"and remember to let the 500+ designers know you're a fan of ClarkBetty.com

Stay tuned, there is much more to come!