Plan Your Dream Room in a Matter of Clicks with PurpleWall and!

We have been talking to you about our Strategic Alliance with and how excited we are to be able to share this remarkable tool with the community. Now we would like to tell you a little more about how it works. Let's begin by explaining that the image below is not a photograph of a beautiful room, but what PurpleWall refers to as a "Purple Print". It is a full color dimensional rendering that is presented to a "Resident" (PurpleWall customer) from their selected designer. This, along with a shopping list of furnishings is what one would call the experience. A quick step by step guide is presented below.

First: Share information about your room by submitting measurements, uploading photos and setting your budget for the project at hand.

Second: Collect multiple designs from the PurpleWall national data base of Interior Design experts, select your designer and deposit the designer fee which will not be released until you approve the final deliverable.

Third: Collaborate with your selected designer, share information and fine tune the details of your room.

Fourth: Receive your final three dimensional full color rendering of your dream room along with a shopping list of furnishings that you can purchase on line.

Finally: Order your furnishings, place them per the plan and enjoy your newly designed haven!

So just "Start a Project" and remember to let the 500+ designers know you're a fan of

Stay tuned, much more to come!