Outdoor Lighting Tips

With Spring practically in full swing and summer quickly arriving on its heals, there is no better time then now to get your outdoor lighting ready for deck and patio season!

Outdoor lighting can get a little tricky, but it’s certainly worth the challenge as it makes any yard – front and back -- elegant and beautiful!

Lighting your walkways and steps.

When you’re lighting your walking areas stager your lighting – meaning do not place your light sources directly across from one another. By doing this, you will avoid the ‘runway’ look and instead you are left with a bold, bright walking path!

Two Quick Tips for Lighting your deck or patio space.

Using a low voltage floodlight mounted on a wall near a grill or cooking area outside can not only help illuminate your workspace/cooking area, but it also serves as a nice way to feature an area in your back yard. Another tip for your deck lighting – hook up your lights to a dimmer. This will let you set the mood lighting accordingly – brighter for dinnertime festivities and less bright for more intimate late night patio get-togethers.

Finally, don’t forget your front yard too!

Lighting the front of your home can add a stately look to your home – it allows your house to stand out in the evening hours – the trick is to include enough light on your house to illuminate it, but not so much that your neighbors think it’s daytime out there! Lighting with outdoor sconces are perfect because they shine accent lighting on your home and feature certain areas without over-lighting the entire front of your home! A sconce like this Artistic Lighting Dune Road Two Light Sconce would work great on a rustic-contemporary home. The weathered charcoal look adds a unique element to the fixture turning it from a simple light source to a decorative or statement piece! 

Elk Outdoor Sconce

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