Our Favorite Lighting Ideas to Inspire Your Next Home Decor Project

No matter how you flip it, tap it or clap it on, lighting is an essential part of every room. For instance: Did you know that the amount of natural light you let in can affect your motivation and the use of a dimmer can instantly change your mood? Whether you rent or own real estate, it might be time to consider new lighting to transform how your interior design is working for you.

Get inspired and brighten your bulb with these 6 to-die-for lighting set-ups. 


The Crystorama Allure 6 Light Drum Shade Chandelier, 

Make a Statement

An extravagant light fixture paired with a fresh vase of flowers may be all your room needs to step up its interior design game. Enjoy breakfast, dinner and so many Sunday brunches under this statement piece.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Keen on Green

For a light that is pleasing to the eye AND the wallet, LED is the way to go. Talk about affordable interior design. LED lights don’t give off heat the way incandescent or fluorescent fixtures do and they’re long lasting. This kitchen low light nails the look.


The Sierra Pendant from Bruck Lighting

Bathroom Glamour

We say yes to a glamorous bathroom pendants. They add a pop of sophistication to create a chic powder room to be proud of. The lighting from these fixtures is more flattering than standard-issue lighting fixtures.


The Crystorama Hampton 8 Light Drum Shade Chrome Chandelier

The Wow-Factor

You’ve always wanted a chandelier in the bedroom, living room, bathroom…you even want one in your home office! We know the feeling. To select the right chandelier for your space, take the width of your room in feet, double it and convert it to inches. The result? The chandelier’s proper diameter.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Natural Light

So you may not have the window coverage of this loft apartment. That’s okay! : Consider how you arrange your furniture and be mindful not to block areas of natural light. Research shows that exposure to more natural light can increase your productivity, mood and sleep habits.

If one of these inspired you, don’t worry about the cost to get the look. Our partners at PurpleWall will design you a space that incorporates your favorite lighting style AND do it on your budget, with light fixtures from ClarkBetty.com. Affordable online interior design and furnishing. That’s what we do.