Meet Heather Williams and Epilogue Interiors


Heather Williams came to us through the Interior Designer Program. 
She gave us just what we wanted - Talent. Heather is the President and Founder of the
design firm Epilogue Interiors and possesses a keen approach to kitchen space.

Heather's Story

I’ve always told my clients that when you open the front door of their home, it’s like opening the cover of their story. Every room and every thing in it should tell something about who these people are and how they live. A properly executed design and remodel or build is the summation of all of the dialogue that takes place between the client and designer and I’m really just editing. 

Before and after shots of Heather's Kitchen Project


My favorite projects are the ones where I get to help them find their voice and maybe even who they really are. That final visit when the job is done is the one that helps define these people in their new space. That’s their epilogue.

This home owner came to me in late summer 2017 wanting help remodeling her kitchen. She was very involved in the process and really wanted to understand the project from every angle. Not all clients are this interested, so you have to adapt to meet their needs. I really enjoyed collaborating with her and hearing her feedback on suggestions that I made.

img-0027.jpg   img-1012.jpg

She was also fearless when it came to tackling some of the issues that we needed to address, such as the acoustic “popcorn” texture on the ceilings. She didn’t want to deal with the mess that goes along with scraping it and was open to my idea of covering the ceiling with v-groove planks.

The existing layout was very functional and the homeowners had lived with it that way since the late 1980’s when they built the home so, there was really no need in reconfiguring the kitchen space. Still, you want to do something more than just swap out materials, so I proposed the idea of a tuxedo kitchen using color blocking to create some dimension and contrast. At first, she wasn’t sure and we used design software to help her “see it.”

img-0018.jpg  img-1091.jpg

Both homeowners were involved as we neared the design finish line and even her husband made some requests and provided some feedback which was great. She wanted clean, modern, high contrast and no fuss while he wanted more of a traditional farmhouse and the light over the cooktop. Ultimately, their design brought both of their styles together perfectly, which is really what we’re supposed to do for our clients. 

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Here's to many great stories to be told!

Heather Williams
Epilogue Interiors


Thanks, Heather, for a wonderful  contribution to the collection.
Here's to your next story which we can't wait to see.

EJ Mehl