Lighting Your Master Bedroom

Today’s Master Bedroom typically includes more than just a place to rest your head at night. Aside from a bed, there’s generally a closet/changing space, bathroom and even a sitting area in some cases. In order to light your bedroom, it’ll be important to include multiple sources of light.

Your bedroom should include ambient lighting, accent and task lighting. Ambient lighting will be the overhead or general lighting for your space, while accent lighting generally highlights one area or fixture in your room – such as a framed and hung photograph or piece of artwork. Finally task lighting is meant to provide you with light that adequately illuminates an area for your need – whether that need is reading or getting dressed and ready in the morning.

Ambient lighting is usually your overhead lighting – whether that’s recessed lighting, pendent or even a casual-style chandelier in your bedroom, it will serve as the main source of light throughout your space. Depending on the style of the bedroom a chandelier can really create a great focal point in your master bedroom.

For task lighting you will want to consider the need of the space. Is it a reading nook in your bedroom or will you need to be able to pick out clothes and get dressed… each activity will require a different type of lighting, so deciding the need is the first step. As you can see in the photograph below, there is task lighting for reading available on the nightstand and in the reading corner.Description: Macintosh HD:Users:APJackett:Desktop:unnamed.jpg

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