Lighting Your Kitchen

Lighting your kitchen can be difficult because your lighting not only needs to illuminate your entire space, but you’ll also need specific task lighting in various sections of your kitchen.

Recessed lighting. Use recessed lighting to serve as task and functional light sources for work areas in your kitchen. This type of lighting works great for a kitchen island or cooking counter space. A quick recessed lighting tip: If you place some light around the perimeter of the room you will avoid shadows in your space.

Cabinet lighting. Cabinet lighting is less about functionality and more about creating an inviting ambiance in your kitchen. For cabinet lighting it’s important not to see the light fixture, but rather only the light. A good trick is to hide the lights behind the edges of the cabinet. This will leave your cabinets with a radiating glow from your strategically placed light.

Finally, over hanging pendant lights. Hanging lights work great over a table or seating area. Reserve hanging lights for this type of space and avoid hanging pendant lights over your counter or work space. Try this Uttermost Vetraio Three Light Bronze light in your kitchen!

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Nan and EJ Mehl

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