Lighting Your Home Office

Harsh florescent lighting in an office can hinder creativity and create a rigid environment in your workspace. Today, we’re sharing with you three tips on how to light your office without using harsh florescent lighting.

Task Lighting. For desk work, you will want well-defined and bright light illuminating your desk area. Adding task lighting that is adjustable and can be directed at your work area is key to brightening up your office and desk area. A task light like this Anglepoise Desk Lamp will add a sophisticated and professional look to your office space.

Anglepoise Desk Lamp

As with your home, layered lighting is always a good tactic when lighting your office. As we mentioned, task lighting is perfect to have at your desk to illuminate your immediate workspace, but you also need ambient and overhead lighting to brighten up your entire office. Using recessed lighting or even track lighting in your office, workspace or conference room can add a sleek and professional look to your organization’s work environment.

Keep your light indirect. Look for ways to diffuse ambient light in a way that will illuminate and spread light throughout your entire office. A few simple ways to do this are with lampshades, covered light or include floor lamps that shoot light upwards in your office.

Nan and EJ Mehl

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