Lighting Your Home for the Holidays

When we think of Holiday Lighting we often think of stringing up the Christmas lights. But, there is another type of holiday lighting that can be overlooked -- your interior lighting during the Holiday Season!

If you are hosting the Holidays, you’re probably trying to get your dinner table and main course ready, but don’t forget about the lighting – ambiance lighting will set the mood for your Holiday gathering!

Not too Dark! You don’t want your space to be so dark that people are not going to be able to see their plates, but you also do not want it too bright to completely destroy the mood of your festive dinner!

Use multiple sources of light – this will allow you to appropriately set the mood of the room and also gives you some ability to change the lighting throughout the evening. You should include everything from a central source of light – such as a chandelier – to ambient lighting such as wall sconces that illuminate the parameter of your space.

These Crystorama Luxo Wall Sconces in the off-white, antique brass hue will offer your space a soft, warm and inviting glow.

Wall Sconces

Finally, our last holiday lighting tip is to draw people into your dining space, make sure your central point of light is illuminating the table more than any other fixture or space in your dinning room. Then, as we suggested with the sconces, use indirect lighting to brighten up other areas of the dinging space to ensure your room is not only bright – but also festive and welcoming!

Happy Holidays for the Team!

Don’t forget to check back next week for a few more holiday lighting and decorating tips!

Nan and EJ Mehl

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