Lighting your Finished Basement

Lighting your finished basement is important because your basement does not have nearly as much natural light as the rest of your home and after putting effort into decorating and creating your perfect finished basement, lighting can destroy the mood fast if it does not create not warm and welcoming atmosphere. Today, we are here to offer you three tips to lighting your finished basement:

  1. Use Recessed Lighting.
  2. Layer your light so you have multiple points and multiple sources of light in

    your basement.

  3. Finally, the colors in your basement can inhibit light’s ability to make it warm

    and welcoming – especially in a basement – so, be sure to use a warm color pallet.

Recessed lighting offers a stylish way of bringing ambient light into a space. But, the placement of recessed lighting is important. A good rule-of-thumb is to install your recessed light fixtures 18 to 24 inches away from each other– this will give enough space so the light fixtures are not crowding one another, but also still illuminate your finished basement.

Layered light – in a basement not enough light can create a dark and ‘dingy’ feel to your space, but too much light can be overpowering and inhibit your ability to enjoy a movie with so much light. Aside from recessed lighting, including floor and table lamps add additional points of focused light – allowing you to better light a reading area, while keeping a television area less bright. This Anglepoise Floor lamp would be great in a finished basement. The yellow shade will offer a warm hue to the emitted light – not-to-mention it could add a little fun into your finished basement!

Basement floor lamp

Nan and EJ Mehl

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