Lighting Your Contemporary Home

Today, we are going to offer you three tips on how to best light your contemporary home.

Tip 1: Use lamps to light your space. You can change the entire feel of a room by using lamps as your main source of light. For a more contemporary feel, set your lamps in the corners of your room or on shelves that are placed up against your walls. This will create the impression of a much more open space – which is what a contemporary design craves! Check out this unique contemporary lamp. It’s the Contemporary Circle Table Lamp from Diamond Lighting.

Contemporary Lighting

Tip 2: Set your contemporary-style hanging or chandelier light in a way that doesn’t create too many shadows in your room and on your room’s walls. To achieve this, you will need to utilize a modern-style chandlier like this Trans Globe Contemporary 4 Light in polished chrome. We love the sleak design and because of how the light source hangs, it’s very unlikely to cast shadows on the walls of your room.

Contemporary Chandelier

Tip 3: Finally, your final contemporary lighting tip – use accent lighting to highlight an oversized photograph or piece of artwork. The lights should be mounted on or near the from of the picture and provide a strong, bold light white beam of light onto the image – giving it a striking appearance in your contemporary room.

Nan and EJ Mehl

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