Lighting Your Basement

When you finish your basement, you will find one of your biggest challenges will lie in lighting it to feel like a cozy home – not a basement that is sunk a few feet below ground. Because of the lack of natural light, how you light your basement’s space is that much more essential to making it feel warm and welcoming.

A general rule-of-thumb is that not enough light or too much direct and harsh light will not create that “home” feeling most of us are looking for in a space. To avoid these issues, we suggest layered lighting. Include multiple points of light throughout your basement to ensure that you don’t end up with light that’s too harsh or direct (which will cause awkward shadows throughout your space). Additionally, layered light will also adequately illuminate your space because you will have multiple sources available to use depending on the need – watching a movie, less light, hosting a party, perhaps a little more.

When bringing in your multiple points of light – whether it’s recessed lighting, table lamps or sconces, you will want your light to be a light or ‘warm’ color – the shade or the covering of the light should not dim your light source so much that it overwhelmingly mutes the light emitted from the lamp or sconce. This Cornerstone Sconce in Chrome is great for a basement. The sleek style and the mirrored back will offer more light for your space.

basement lighting

It’s important to remember when lighting your basement you are truly making up for less natural light – so layer, layer, layer! For more décor tips, visit the blog on Wednesday and Friday!

Nan and EJ Mehl

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