Learn About Our July Promotion For ELK Group International Furniture

July is a time for barbecues, beaches, and bonding with friends. It’s also a great chance to start thinking about ways you’d like to introduce a new atmosphere to your home. It is summer after all and this is an excellent time to institute some change. Summer provides an opportunity for a new beginning or purging items that you want to get rid of in your residence. Perhaps, you’ve grown tired of staring at the same pieces of furniture in your abode or you’d like to invest in some beautiful outside furniture to lay on, on your back patio. Well, if you’re the type to want to shop furniture to instill a breath of life into your home, then you’re in luck. We have some good news for you!At Clark Betty, we’re excited to announce our July promotion. This digital coupon is a great way to help you shop beautiful new furniture in your home for an unbeatable price. This 2018 July promotion will cover an array of pieces of furniture from the kitchen to the bathroom and everything in between, even including some home decor. If you’re looking just because you’d like to find a great bargain or you’re looking to change up the style in your home, Clark Betty can offer you an opportunity to join our promotional program this July.

About The July Promotion

The ELK Group International and Clark Betty is happy to announce a monthly promotional program starting this July. This promotional plan for July is for the ELK Group International and the sub brands. What’s great about this promotional plan is how it will afford you an opportunity to purchase what you want when you want it. The ELK Group International will begin to offer monthly promotional coupons that you can use, if you’re in our promotional program. The promotional program is easy to join, and anyone from our loyal audience to brand new customers can become involved.

Every month you will get a coupon with a percentage off of a variety of different brands that Clark Betty sells. You will receive a coupon code, so you can pick out the items that you really can’t live without. The coupon code will reduce the price when you place it in your shopping cart. The brands that are included in this great promotional plan are Steinworld, GuildmasterSterling, Pomeroy, Dimond HomeThomas LightingELK Lighting, and Dimond Lighting. Each of these brands are high-quality and unique. The furniture and the home decor can be put in any home because of the versatility and the affordability they offer.

This month we’ll be focusing on the ELK Group International brand. The ELK brand includes lighting, living room furniture, quality sofas, and more. Basically, everything you’ll need to have a truly amazing house that makes your family and friends envious. By using this promotion plan to shop for furniture, you’ll be able to make all of your interior design dreams come through. Now when you watch home decor shows, you won’t feel jealous or depressed that your home doesn’t look like flawless. Finally, you can take advantage of our furniture and home decor, so you can always have what you want. All you need to do is join our July promotional program and start to shop for furniture.