How to Use Layered Light in Interior Design

We talk about layered lighting a lot here at and how important it is in making your home feel warm and inviting – while also serving its functional purpose as well. Today, we are going to share with you just how you can achieve layered lighting in your home.

You will want to include multiple layers of light. These layers include:

Ambient light

Task light

Focal light

Decorative light

Ambient light – often referred to as ‘general lighting’ -- is essential in providing background lighting for any room in your home. Without this layer of light your home is not going to be very ‘bright’ or illuminated. While you do not need to light every nook and cranny of you home with ambient lighting, there should be enough to illuminate the room for its purpose. Ambient lighting is generally achieved by including a ceiling-mounted light or recessed lights.

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recessed lighting

 Incorporate task lighting. Task light is direct light that has a specific purpose – to light a reading area, workspace or cooking space – whatever your room calls for. So, how can you incorporate task lighting? Try a desk lamp or even mounting lights on the underside of cabinets in your kitchen to illuminate a workspace for cooking! This Anglepoise Ice White Desk Lamp would offer a sophisticated and sleek look for your task lighting in an office or work area.

Anglepoise Desk Lamp

Focal Light is different from task lighting in that it doesn’t light an area for a functional purpose, rather it lights an object or space to accentuate the piece. For example, a frame piece of artwork is something you may way to highlight. Try illuminating the frame by mounting a light directly above the frame.

Finally, decorative light. So far, we have discussed using light for its functional purpose, but don’t forget – light and light fixtures can (and should be!) used as decorative pieces too! Use your chandelier to make a statement or a wall sconce that stands out in your room!

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