How to Get Inspired for Your Next Interior Design Project

A lot of interior designers have their go-to tricks for inspiration when working on a new project. It’s important to explore new avenues so that your work doesn’t get stale or too repetitive, though. If you’re still trying to find inspiration or you’re in need of new resources to get inspired, check out our suggestions! Don’t forget to shop furniture for interior designers at to get those creative juices going.

Research Your Client’s Interests

When working with a client, it’s important to understand more than just the style they’re looking for. Spend some time getting to know them as well. What are their interests? What is their lifestyle like? What do they do for a living? Interior design is about making a space as functional as it is fashionable, so research design solutions that would work well for your client’s lifestyle.

Browse Current Trends

As a designer, it’s important to stay on top of current trends. While you might be aware of what’s hot right now, you never know when the next big trend will pop up. Stay apprised of this information by reading interior design publications, attending industry events, and taking advantage of the internet.

Note: While being aware of current trends is important, that doesn’t mean you have to include them in your design. The best interior design projects are the ones that reflect the interests of your client and have a timeless appeal. That said, if something is trendy and your client loves it, don’t hold back!

Experiment with Color Palettes

Color goes a long way to influence the mood and energy of a room — but we don’t have to tell you that. You may have color schemes that you regularly use because they work well for a lot of different applications, but it’s worth experimenting every once in a while to see what you can discover.

If you love monochromatic or analogous color schemes, try branching out with split-complementary or triadic-complementary. Play with tints and shades within a single color. You never know what could spark your creative genius.

Wander Around Second-Hand Stores

As we just said — you never know what could spark your creative genius. No, we aren’t suggesting you go buy a used couch for your interior design project, but maybe the original pattern of the sofa reminds you of a design style you think the client would love.

Second-hand stores are great for finding different pieces from a variety of decades and trends to inspire you. Take photos while you’re there to jog your memory later when you’re putting together a concept.

Talk to Fellow Interior Designers

Interior designers love talking shop with one another. Not everyone truly understands all of the factors that play into interior design, so having informed conversations with others in the industry is a great way to brainstorm new ideas or consider design solutions you might not have otherwise thought of.

Getting involved in an interior design program is another great way to connect with fellow designers and get inspired. You’ll be in community with others who have similar passions, and you’ll be able to learn from those who are incredibly successful in the field. If you’re ready to connect with others in the industry and get inspired, join the Clark Betty Interior Design Program now.

Shop Furniture for Interior Designers

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