How to: Decorate Your Woman Cave

On Wednesday, we shared a post regarding a few must-haves in your man cave. Today, we are going to share with you a few pointers to making your woman cave a welcoming, inviting and relaxing space!

Tip 1: Just as with a man cave, it’s important to personalize your woman cave. Fill it with photos of family and friends. We love the idea of creating a photo collage on one wall of your space. These Uttermost photo collage picture frames are perfect to add to a wall in the room!

photo collage for a woman cave

Tip 2: Storage – but, be creative about it! Don’t just have a few shelves for you to store some of your treasured items, make the storage and shelving just as much a part of your room’s appearance as the items that they display and store! This Uttermost Ardusin Hobby Cupboard is a perfect compliment to the above photo.

Creative storage

Tip 3: Finally, bring in candles to your woman cave. Not only is the lighting relaxing and soft, but it will also offer you the ability to have soothing aromas fill your space.

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Nan and EJ Mehl

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