How to Accessorize your Space

When designing a room the last step – after painting, after arranging furniture and after all the initial planning of the layout is done – it’s then time to accessorize and make your home feel just like your home.

While the accessories in your home should speak to your personality, there are a few general tips to help your room feel accessorized – not cluttered.

Keep your accessory pieces in groups – not individually placed around a room. Having individual items randomly placed in your space can often lead to the feel of a cluttered area, grouping your photos, candles and other accessories together will make them feel planned and a part of your room’s home décor. When you’re arranging groups of items, be sure that the objects share a similar color palette , style or even texture. This will create a unified and purposeful look.

Mix it up! If you have a bookshelf include more than just rows of books on those shelves – mix it up with some different decorative pieces. Whether your integrate your family photos, vases or sculptures, place them at random throughout the rows of books to cut through and break up what could end up looking like an “endless” row of books.

Finally, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with this step of the decorating process – try unique pieces that set your room apart from the ‘typical’ home décor. This Sterling Contemporary Six Candle Holder offers a function purpose and a unique design for your space – from a mantel to a coffee table center piece, this candle holder would add a unique twist in any space!

Candle Holder - large

Nan and EJ Mehl

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