How Does Light Change a Room?

Any room can be dramatically changed depending on the lighting and the light sources in the room – ambient, direct, task and accent lighting are all factors in a room’s overall feel.

Additionally, directional lighting can help to soften colors in your space. A great directional light source is track lighting -- when track lighting is used, it ensures that the light is not harsh or direct. Track lighting also ensures that light is reflected off of bright colors and will more likely offer the illusion of being larger and less cramped.

While lighting does a fantastic job of changing a room’s atmosphere, it also serves a very important purpose – illuminating your room! This is when layered lighting becomes important for your space. Layered light offers options – include a mixture of ambient, accent and, of course, task-specific lighting.

We love this Anglepoise Floor Lamp for a reading nook or simply placed next to a couch or chair in your living space. They offer a simple, yet stylish look and it lets you direct light for reading!

floor lamp

Our list tip for layered light – use accent light to turn a sculpture, painting, or portrait into the focal point of any room by guiding attention to the object through direct light. One tip: Avoid using a bulb that is more than three times the wattage of the room’s general lighting.

Nan and EJ Mehl

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