Help Dad Light Up the House this Father’s Day

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Now that we’re in the summer months, we’re spending a lot more time outside – so, make sure your yard and outside areas are just as welcoming and just as comfortable as the interior of your home with a few simple outdoor lighting tips.

As with indoor rooms, lighting outside can make or break your space! Even something as simple as lighting up your patio furniture with a few accent lights can create an inviting atmosphere in your outside areas. In the photo below, accent lighting from the Artistic Outdoor Lighting and Fixtures line works to draw attention to the main seating area – creating a welcoming space for you and your guests! Check out some unique lighting options for your outdoor space here.

outdoor lighting

Another tip – as with inside your home, you will want more than one source of light outside. Use sconces to radiate light onto your home and pathway or ground lights to illuminate walk ways or even sitting areas. One tip for using pathway lighting, do not place the lights directly across or right next-to one another -- space them out evenly, but stagger them throughout your outdoor area.

Outdoor lighting

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