Get your Basement Ready for Company

With the Holidays upon friends and family are all coming in to celebrate – the only problem – not enough room! If you have a finished basement, it can serve as a great place for guests to stay. Today, we are going to share with you a few tips to getting your finished basement ready to host your friends and family!

Basement Décor Idea #1:

Make sure to include a place for them to store their clothes. Being away from home for the holidays can be rough – living out of a suite case can be even more difficult! If there is not closet available in your basement guest room, make sure to include a dresser or cabinet, like this Sterling Madeleine Cabinet.


Basement Décor Idea #2:

If you have tile or wood floor in the basement, be sure to bring an area rug into the living space. Whether you want to make a bold statement or just offer a soft accent, including a rug in your basement will ensure a warm and inviting effect. Try a rug like this Uttermost Bermuda 5 x 8 gray rug. 

Uttermost Rug

Basement Décor Idea #3: Finally, don’t forget to decorate the walls – include photos of family, friends and even paintings or other wall décor. When hanging your wall décor be sure to hang your photos and painting centrally – too high or too low and your space will look uneven and cramped – aim for eye-level when decorating your basement walls.

Don’t have a finished basement? Don’t worry – stay tuned to, we will be releasing an e-book on how to properly finish your basement – a step-by-step guide that offers tips from start to finish!

Nan and EJ Mehl

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