Five Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

Using mirrors to decorate a room not only can add character to your space, but it will also make the room appear more spacious and brighter. Today, we are sharing with you five ways you can use mirrors in your interior decorating.

Try using a full-length flat mirror as a table runner and centerpiece . Placing a decorating mirror flat on your table as a center piece will reflect light, brighten your room and offers a unique view of your center piece flowers and/or candles.

Hang a large mirror on the wall. To successfully create the illusion of a larger space, the mirror must be at least ¾ the length of the wall to create a dramatic open look for your room.

Floor Length Decorative Mirror

Create a mirror montage on a wall. By adding multiple mirrors or a random group of mirrors in varying sizes on the wall, you can alleviate the need for decorative wall pieces, because your mirror montage will offer that functionality. Additionally, similar to how a large mirror will elongate your space, a montage of smaller mirrors will offer the same benefit. Check out these Uttermost mirrors. The thick border and unique shape offers you the opportunity to get creative when you decorate with mirrors.

Decorative Mirrors_Circle

Use the mirror to reflect the outdoors and the natural light. If your space has plenty of natural light flowing in, using your mirrors to amplify that light can create a wonderfully open and bright space. Place a mirror adjacent to the source of the natural light to get the most light flowing through your space.

Finally, try using a mirror in an outdoor area such as an enclosed patio or sunroom . Doing this can make an outdoor space feel more welcoming and creates the appearance of an actual room in your home. Additionally, it reflects the outdoor, natural light beautifully!

Decorating your space with mirrors not only adds a unique decorative element, but it can also compliment and reflect your indoor and outdoor light, creating brighter, more welcoming rooms in your home.

Nan and EJ Mehl

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