Five Decorating Tips to Create Your ‘Perfect’ Space

1.Offer a Focal Point. Your focal point can be a painting, family photo, sculpture or even a mirror. Everything in your room cannot serve as the focal point. Through the use of accent lighting, arrangement of furniture and wall décor you’re able to direct attention to a certain object in your space.

2.Layer your Lighting. Layering your light allows you to light your space differently depending on what you’re doing in your room. Hosting company, watching a movie, whatever the activity, layered light allows you to offer the ‘perfect’ lighting for any task.

3.Be bold – whether it’s a color or a striking piece of furniture. Whether you choose a crystal chandelier or a bright, bold color, including a bold statement in your space will add personality to your room. Unexpected pieces can also offer a bold and dramatic look.

For example, including an oversized chandelier like this Crystorama Traditional Crystal Chandelier in a more conventional living or family room will draw the attention to the chandelier because it’s an unexpected choice for a conventionally designed space. 

Crystal Chandelier

4.Use a bookshelf as a divider between rooms. A bookshelf with an open back will allow you to see between the two spaces, while still dividing the two areas. Additionally, using a bookshelf as a room divider can offer a great focal point for both rooms.

5. Wall of mirrors – Including a wall full of different sized mirrors will not only offer an interesting focal point and style to your space, but it will also make it feel larger, brighter and more inviting. Check out this Uttermost Spadola mirror. This would make a great addition to a wall of mirrors in any room!


Nan and EJ Mehl

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