Five Decorating Tips for your Friday

It’s Friday! We’re sending you into the weekend with five tips on how to create beautiful and welcoming spaces in your home! If you try some of these tips out, don’t forget to share them with us on our Facebook page (link)

Decorating Tip One:

Don’t forget about your windows! Try combining curtains with blinds in coordinating colors as the fabrics on your couch, pillows and other pieces of furniture. As a typical “rule-of-thumb” the longer your window’s curtains are, the more elegant the look!

Decorating Tip Two:

Try using lamps as your man source of light. Lamplight can create a warm and inviting feel because the light emitted from a lamp is generally softer. Additionally, because the light is shot upward as opposed to downward, you’ll reduce the number of shadows cast on your guests and throughout your space.

Decorating Tip Three:

Include an accent wall for a pop of color in your home. The color should be a contrasting color from the primary color in your space. A bold color is generally better than soft, pale colors when you’re choosing paint for your accent wall.

Decorating Tip Four:

Positioning your furniture. When you position the furniture in your space try a few different combinations before choosing one. Sometimes, certain pieces of furniture mesh better together than other or certain angles offer more space or a cozier atmosphere!

Decorating Tip Five:

Finally, make the room your own! Be sure to personalize your space so that it is unique to you! Ultimately, your space is just that – YOUR space! Make it your own and let your own eye be the guide to making the right color, decorative and other design choices!