Do’s & Don’ts of Lighting your Home with a Chandelier

The right sized chandelier makes all the difference when you choose to light a space with a chandelier. So, when you are looking to light a foyer or a dining room – take into account this quick tip – take the dimensions of your room and add them together – for example a 10 x 12 space should host a chandelier with about a 22 foot diameter.

However, this rule-of-thumb does not always need to be followed – especially if you choose to hang your chandelier over a dining room table. At this point, the diameter of your chandelier should reflect the width and length of the table as opposed to the dimensions of the room. The diameter of your chandelier over a table should be (approximately) one foot less than the width of your table at its widest point.

Entryway chandeliers should be hung about seven feet from the floor. If your entryway has a ceiling that’s two-stories, the chandelier should not come below that second floor.

Finally, do pick out the chandelier that fits best with the overall theme of your space and also include a chandelier that can be a focal point in your home. For example, this Crystorama SOHO Chandelier combines a rustic with an elegant look – a bold statement for a rustic style space or even a more contemporary space.

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Nan and EJ Mehl

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