Decorating Your Large Living Room

Just as with decorating a small space, decorating a large and open space can present challenges too. Placing too much or too little furniture and décor can make the space feel far too empty or extremely cramped. So, today we are sharing with you a few tips to ensure you large space is decorated and arranged comfortably.

Design by zones. A large room functions as more than one large sitting area, because of this you will have to be creative with how to best utilize the size or shape of the room you have. To avoid having an ‘empty’ looking room identify specific areas of function within the room – such as socialization area, a media space, a work area or even a dining space. Try a table like this Uttermost Bridgely Aged writing desk to divide up your large space and also serve as a desk and work space.

Rustic Desk

Divide the space. In a larger room, it is important to divide the space visually – using shelving, ceiling beams or even half walls.

Finally, get creative with lighting. As with any space, lighting will set the room’s overall mood and ambiance. Include one central point of light such as a small chandelier or ceiling light and then fill in other areas with floor and table lamps. We love this Primrose Ceiling Mount. It would serve as a great central point of light in a larger room. 

Elegant Ceiling light

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