Decorating your Game Room

You have all the right games –a Pool table, Ping-Pong table and all of the latest video games – but have you decorated and designed your game room yet? When decorating this type of space it can be difficult, because you must accommodate the functional needs of the space – enough room around the Pool and Ping-Pong tables, etc – but, you also want it to be comfortable and inviting too! We have compiled a few tips to help you decorate your game room!

Tip 1:

Focus on your lighting. Focusing on lighting in any room is important, but it’s even more important in a game room or man cave – as it will set the overall tone and mood of the space! If you have a home entertainment system set up, then it’ll be wise to use recessed lighting that can dim during the times you’re watching a film, but around your other activities you’ll want brighter light. In a game room, lighting can become the focus of your space. Try for something a little off-kilter, like this fun Elk Cilindro 6 Light Pendent! room lighting

Tip 2:

Maybe you like using neutral colors in your living and family rooms, but with a game room, you have a little more space to get creative with colors and décor! Try some bright pops of color throughout your room. From lighting, to accent walls, to the furniture itself, don’t be afraid to get a little – funky!

Tip 3: Don’t forget about the floor! Especially if your game room consists of a Pool or Ping-Pong table. You’ll want to include a rug underneath those games. A rug is another place to try to bring in a pop of color in your media/game room! Try a rug like this Uttermost Bermuda rug!

blue rug

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