Decorating with Clocks

How can a clock make a difference in your home? A well-thought clock – big and stately or small and subtle – can provide a room a perfect accent piece. But, including a clock as a design element can prove to be a difficult task – too many clocks and your space becomes cluttered and sometimes a clock – even if it’s beautifully designed can get lost in a room’s overall design.

Get creative with the placement of you clock, but be sure that it fits your space’s theme. For example, if your home is offering a more contemporary look, the clock should not be a rustic design, but rather a clock like this large Sterling hand painted clock. It’s color and sleek design would offer an excellent accent piece in a contemporary space.

contemporary clock

Don’t be afraid to “take time outside.” If you have a large backyard that includes a deck or patio with a fireplace or wall, find a piece that can withstand outdoor elements and place as a focal point to your outside décor.

Finally, small desk clocks can become great accent pieces while also serving functional purposes. A desk clock like this Sterling Clock 89, would offer a unique vintage look in your home. 

Table Clock

Nan and EJ Mehl

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