Decorating for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and Christmas close on its heels, you may be gearing up for hosting a few holiday gatherings. Today we are going to share with you a few tips for getting your home ready for the upcoming holidays!

Including your year-round décor in your holiday decorations ensures that you keep a cohesive look and style throughout your home – even as it changes from everyday décor to holiday and festive fun! Our tip for helping to keep your home’s interior look cohesive -- Take something ordinary and make it Holiday-ready in just a few easy steps. For example, if you coffee table or dinning room table boasts a centerpiece year-round, try including festive Spruce Pine branches into the arrangement. This brings your holiday cheer without loosing your room’s overall theme. To fill up the space so your holiday centerpiece is a little more full – try incluing a piece like the long Black Glitter branch to accent the Spruce branch!

Christmas decorChristmas decor

Just as with your yearly décor, you want your holiday décor to flow throughout your home. Try including a wreath or garland that matches your holiday centerpiece. This Spruce Pine Wreath will offer a cohesive look to your space’s overall décor.

Christmas Wreath

Finally, fill in the edges with similar décor – candles are extremely poplar this time of year – try to find one that offer a holiday pine scent to match your wreath, garland and centerpieces! And for the ‘icing on the cake’ include a candle holder that match your holiday theme – like this Spruce Pine Candle Holder.

Christmas Pine Decorations

Don’t forget to check back every week for your holiday decorating tips! Every Wednesday, the team will bring you a few ideas to get your home Holiday Ready! 

Nan and EJ Mehl

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