Decor That Turns Your House Into a Home

For those who move around or travel a lot, you’ve probably perfected your packing system. Many of those packing systems include specific items that make each new space feel like a home. Whether you have a box of homey items or just a pocket in your duffle bag, decor and items that you love can make all the difference in your comfort level.

At Clark Betty, we provide a variety of interior decor and furniture to help you turn your house into a home. Check out some of our favorite items, and order furniture online from us for the best deals on home goods.

Candles & Incense

Smell is one of the strongest senses attached to memory. When you smell caramel corn, you think of Christmas with your grandparents. When you smell artificial berry, you gag at the thought of taking cough medicine. And when you smell your favorite candle, you think of the first time you invited your partner over, movie nights with friends, and unwinding after a long day at work.

These scents are attached to what make you you, so incorporating candles, incense, and other scented items in your home help personalize your space. Personalize your space even more with candle holders and incense stands that fit your personal style.

Wall Art

Speaking of your senses, we understand the world around us best with our sense of sight. Make sure that when you’re home, you’re enjoying the view. Wall art like photographs, paintings, prints, and even decorative mirrors are a great way to add beauty and personalization to your home.

A benefit to having multiple pieces is that you can rearrange them regularly to keep spaces around your home feeling energized. Swap the cool wall art in your living room with the decorative mirror in your bedroom and observe how it affects the different environments.


We’ve talked about the importance of good lighting in your home, but it’s worth mentioning again how different lighting fixtures help make a house feel more like a warm, personalized home. If you like to read, having table lamps set up around the house gives you just the right amount of light to illuminate your pages. If you spend your days in the kitchen experimenting with new dishes, make sure you have the bright, industrial lights you need to see what you’re doing.

Lighting offers as form as it does function, so order furniture online like light fixtures that fit your personal taste.

Pillows & Rugs

Above all else, your home should be comfortable. Nothing offers quite as much comfort as an extra pillow on the couch or a soft rug to lay on. Just like lighting, pillows and rugs offer as much fashion as they do function, so find pieces that you really love.

At Clark Betty, we offer a variety of pillows to decorate different rooms of your home with, as well as stylish rugs to add texture and cushion to a space.

At Clark Betty, we offer a variety of decor to make your house a home. Explore different decorations and order furniture online from us today for the best deals and highest quality items available.