Debbie's New Burnham Table Lamp Set

This was amazing. Our new best friend Debbie from California ordered a pair of the Large Baroness Table Lamps:

Unfortunately, for both Debbie and the staff at, the product had recently sold out and was discontinued. This situation is always uncomfortable for us because we feel that if we are advertising a product on our  storefront we should be able to deliver. Unfortunately, our inventory was not accurately presented. Even more unfortunate for us was that Debbie really had her heart set on this particular lamp.

After a short chat with Debbie telling her that our Decorating Team would look for a substitute, we went to work. Unbeknown to us, so did she! Two days later we sent her photos and descriptions of several lamps that we thought would work for her. Our favorite was the Burnham Table Lamp. Her email to us arrived just as we sent out ours. She had not yet seen our selections. Her selection was also the Burnham Table Lamp as shown below.


It's kind of neat when you can make lemonade out of lemons! Thanks Debbie.We appreciate your support!