Creating the ‘Perfect’ Holiday Center Piece

As promised, throughout the Holiday Season, we will bring you some holiday decorating tips every week! This week, we’re focusing on your centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner!

In a recent article discussing the “Three Things that Can Ruin Your Thanksgiving,” a surprising result showed that people felt a host who did not put in enough effort with their décor can quickly reduce or ruin the mood of the dinner! Thanksgiving dinner is all about a big feast with family and friends giving thanks for everything and everyone in your life – your décor should add to this festive and fun occasion.

Because the focus of Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving dinner, it’s no doubt that the focus of your décor should be the dinner table’s centerpiece! Today we’ve come up with a few tips to help you create the ‘perfect’ centerpiece for your family’s celebration!

Centerpiece Tip #1: Try to ensure that your guests can still see over the centerpiece – your centerpiece should accentuate the festivities, not serve as a blockade. To avoid this issue, try using short candles with decorative holders. Like this Fall Sunflower Candle Ring.

Thanksgiving Table Decor

Don’t forget to include a candle that includes a similar color scheme as the holder – like this orange wax candle.

Fall Candle

Finally, your last centerpiece tip is to consider using multiple, small tea candles scattered throughout the center of your table on mirror tile. This offers you plenty of space for your meal and allows for easy conversations, all while offer a soft glow from the center of the table!

Don’t forget to check back next week for your next Holiday Decorating tip of the week!

Nan and EJ Mehl

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