Choosing the Right Chandelier for Unique Spaces

Decorating with chandeliers can be difficult – especially if you’re planning on using a chandelier in rooms not typically or traditionally associated with a chandelier – areas such as your bathroom, over an island in your kitchen or even in your walk-in closet.

One of the key elements to consider when incorporating chandeliers in non- traditional rooms is to make sure it’s the right size. The ‘right’ size all depends on the area you plan to decorate. For most bathrooms, closets or Kitchen Islands you’re going to want something not too big or bulky – something contemporary and sleek would do the trick perfectly for these spaces.

A simple trick we have learned over the years is to add the dimensions of your room together – so if your walk-in closet is 8x10 you should be looking for a chandelier with an 18-inch diameter. In a room where the chandelier is not hanging above a table, be sure the bottom of the chandelier is no lower than seven feet off of the ground.

Including a chandelier like this Semi Flush Crystorama Calypso light in a small area would add a dramatic focal point to your space creating a sophisticated style to your closet or bathroom.

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Adding a chandelier to your home can create the impression of a more sophisticated look in any room – from traditional areas such as foyers and dining rooms to less traditional areas such as your bathroom or walk-in closet – using a chandelier can add the touch of elegance or chic style you’re looking for in your home!

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