A Few Tips to Light Up Your Home

Lighting your home is an important task. It can change the way your home looks and feels and it also serves an extremely functional purpose! When lighting any space in your home, there are many factors to consider. Determine how much natural light will come into the space you’re decorating, what is the room’s overall purpose or function and how can your light accommodate the room’s purpose and finally – and perhaps most importantly – how do you want the room to feel when you enter the space. These are all essential factors to consider when lighting up your home.

Every room in your have should offer an overall ambience as well as being lit to serve a functional purpose. For example, if you’re decorating a foyer, you will want the entranceway to be warm, inviting and well lit to ensure you can see properly when you enter your home. To achieve a warm and inviting space, while still offering bright and functional light you will want to use multiple sources of light. This will create a warm atmosphere while ensuring you’re accommodating the space’s functional needs. Your overhead or ambiance lighting can be a chandelier – which can also become the focal point in a foyer – and you may also want accent light – perhaps two wall sconces that frame your home’s doorway. For a more contemporary space, try sconces like these Serenity 1 Lights in Oil Rubbed Bronze.


If your home’s décor is more traditional, try sconces like these Morrison 1 Lights in Oil Rubbed Bronze. Both light sources will emit a soft, yellow hue that will create an inviting ambiance, but each of the light’s design styles will fit entirely different home décor styles.


Whichever combination of light you choose, be sure that its style fits in with the rest of your home – your lighting is just as much an accessory to your design as furniture and wall décor!

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Nan and EJ Mehl

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