A few Simple Tips and Tricks for Decorating a Large Space

Just as with small spaces, large spaces can be difficult to decorate – you don’t want your room to look barren, with too little furniture and decor, but you also want to avoid it looking too cluttered and chaotic as well.

Try to divide the space in your large area. Using rugs or furniture, you can partition off different areas of your room to accommodate different activities – for example, if you have a great room a large area rug can cordon off a section of the space for viewing T.V. and relaxing, while another space can be used for decorative or another functional purpose; such as a work station.

Consider how you light your large space. Lighting sets a room’s overall mood in any area – large or small – but, when you’re lighting a large area, be sure to use different layers of light. Include a central point of light – such as a chandelier – and then fill in other areas with lights such as floor lamps, table lamps or sconces. This Crystorama Solaris Chandelier is the perfect combination of crystal and bronze wrought iron – making it a versatile piece that could fit in a rustic or more elegantly designed space as well.

Rustic contemporary chandelier

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Nan and EJ Mehl

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