9 Types Of Bookcases For Your Home

Whether you own only a small stack of books, have your own personal library, or have a collection of trinkets to display, owning functional and beautiful shelves to store them on is essential to the organization and aesthetic of your home.

At Clark Betty, we offer a variety of bookcase options so you have the perfect amount of space to display your collection of reading materials, plants, or home decor. Order furniture online from Clark Betty to receive amazing discounts on designer pieces, free shipping, and a no-hassle return policy.

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Built-In Partitions

Find a place for everything and put everything in its place with the Trophy Irwin Shelf from Elk Home. This bookcase has a thick, wooden frame; concrete shelving; and built-in wooden partitions to help you organize your heaviest books and memorabilia.

The partitions help keep things organized if you’re displaying different collections or work well as bookends to keep your selection of novels upright. Find this and other great decor when you order furniture online from Clark Betty.

A Little Luxury

Nothing is quite as luxurious as combining gold leaf and glass into a piece of furniture. The Anjelica Bookshelf boasts this art-deco style that will add a little touch of elegance to your home.

There are six shelves that offer plenty of space to pack in your collection of books and display your favorite sculptures and plants.

The angled frame that connect the shelves adds just enough detail for a geometric flair, and the clear mirrored shelving allows the focus to stay on your favorite pieces of decoration.

For Ladder Lovers

There’s nothing like asymmetry to add a unique touch to your interior decor — and a bookcase is an unexpected opportunity to utilize this trend. Like a step-ladder, the Ladon Wall Shelf only has two legs and is designed to rest against a wall for perfect support.

When installed properly, the shelves sit parallel to the ground. Each shelf is a different depth so that you can display your decor of various sizes accordingly. Watch gravity work its magic with the angled frame of this wood and metal bookshelf.

Highlight A Collection

For small collections that you want to put on display, a single side table will do the trick. The Trophy Industrial Side Table incorporates small bicycle wheels to create a unique tabletop and frame support.

Whether you’re a bike rider or not, the spokework of the table adds an intricate detail to any home decor, while the use of wrought iron and tinted glass adds a level of rawness that other storage and display options lack.

Textured Support

Give your home some farmhouse texture without all the extra chores required on a real farm. The Countryside Wall Shelf enlists the help of sturdy, criss-crossing metal wire (referencing the chicken wire on that farm we mentioned earlier) to create a literal safety net between your books and the wall.

The spherical shape of this shelving design creates a unique shape that your neighbors and book-loving friends will be envious of. Display your sentimental trinkets, small photo frames, and a couple of your favorite books.

Multi-Height Shelving

One of the biggest drawbacks of bookcases is the height limit on the shelves. With the Trophy Industrial Era Shelving Unit, this is no longer an issue because it creates shelving at a variety of heights.

The additional framework of this bookcase supports a shorter shelf without having to span across the entire frame. This allows you to display smaller items on the nested shelf and find your favorite conversation piece to display on the taller shelf. The industrial frame of this piece is, like many of our shelving options, sleek and simple so as not to distract from the items you have displayed on it.

Overlapping Storage

Unique belongings deserve a unique storage space to keep them. If you have an assortment of decor and different-sized books, the overlapping cubbies on the Tawny Wall Shelf could be the perfect solution! The shelf is constructed of a large center cubby, with two medium-sized cubbies overlapping its sides, and two small cubbies overlapping its top and bottom shelf.

This shelving solution is a great way to separate collections without the hassle of trying to hang several different shelves. It’s also a great way to store oddball items that you love and want to highlight.

Suspended Spaces

Celebrate your appreciation for minimalism with unimposing shelves that do just enough to be functional without adding too much pomp and circumstance to your interior decor. The wire frames of the Quadro Set of 3 Wall Shelves outline the perfect amount of space your belongings can take up without actually confining them to said space. Now you can let your plants grow up and out through the top of the shelf without worrying that they’re going to get knocked over or start to wilt!

The beauty of this shelving set is that you can arrange the hanging shelves in a variety of ways to fit into specific areas of your home. Whether you spread them out down a long hallway or group them together on the wall, these shelves allow the focus to be on your collection of books and decor rather than on themselves.

A Place To Call Home

Give your belongings their own home — literally — with the House Set of 2 Shelves. Like the Quadro Wall Shelves, the framework of these shelves are minimal so as to keep your decor as the central focus.

What’s unique about these shelves, though, is their pentagonal shape. You’ve got a roof over your head, after all, so why not put another roof over your books? The open sides and top of the shelves allow items to extend beyond the frame as well, kind of like leaning out of their own windows and doors to say hello!

Even better, you can order furniture online that matches, like this set and the Quadro Wall Shelves. That way, you will have more options to arrange and hang your shelves, but you won’t have to worry about the styles being mismatched!

When you’re trying to order furniture online, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if different pieces are going to look good together. When you order furniture online from Clark Betty, though, you can trust that each piece has been curated by experienced interior designers to bring the elements of your home together for a flawless sense of style.

For bookshelves or anything else you need for your home, order furniture online from Clark Betty for amazing discounts and easy returns.