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5 Best Practices Working with an Interior Designer On-Line

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So you finally decided you deserve your dream room. (We knew you deserved it all along.) In honor of your recent epiphany, here are five of our best practices to ensure your experience working with your interior designer at is a success.


Understand your budget and take the right photography from the get go. To help determine your project budget, consider furniture cost, décor and paint. Here’s a tip: Ask your designer about available discounts in the final stage to help you get the best bang for your buck.

For photography, a few snapshots on the ol’ iPhone will do! To take the best shot, step back in your room to show your space from all angles and capture each wall. Try taking a picture with the camera above your head and angled downwards! The more visuals, the better. Already have a blueprint of your room? Upload it during this stage.


Whether you know a thing or two about design, or you just know you like pretty things, it’s important to be able to describe the design style you want to achieve. Perhaps you have a Pinterest board that depicts your personal style better than any boho-country-modern-chic term ever could. Share it with us! 


You don’t want sleek whites and neutrals when your dream room calls for an eclectic mix of vibrant shades and bold patterns. There’s a talented interior designer out there that will perfectly compliment your style and has the expertise to match, but how do you choose the right one? To start, you can check out their designer profile to see if their description resonates with you. Once they submit a design idea, you can determine whether they nailed or failed your style and if their design fee is within your budget.


This isn’t your typical game of 20 questions, though we all know communication is key. Responding to questions from interior designers is important for both you and them. You have to pick your best fit and they have to learn your true goals, style and intention for the project. In this game, more detail equals a better experience with your designer.


Above all, don’t neglect your project once you’ve started. Remember the long-term reward that a fresh, functional space will add to your everyday life. Now, isn’t that an improvement you deserve? Check out the spaces that inspire us most for a little oomph when you need it.

So what do you say? Grab your camera, computer and make yourself happy! Get your dream room online today.

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