Accent Furniture Finds New Meaning

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Uttermost, one of our premier vendors, posted in a recent blog that "... one category is yielding big results and will continue to do so in 2018 is accent furniture. Interior designers and industry experts cite three major reasons that consumers are allocating more decorating dollars for accent furniture.

  • The housing market has experienced a massive comeback. Mortgage rates have been at all time lows for quite some time which has renewed consumer confidence and home ownership.
  • The old "matching set" manta seems to have seen its day. There is now a shift toward purchasing a more curated set of individual pieces which bodes well for the Interior Designer.
  • Consumers also now have more inspiration. No longer is it necessary to visit the brick and mortar store to gather ideas for decor. Social media sites, particularly Pinterest, contain a wide array of design concepts from professionals and fine amateur designers alike.

The other great news for the accent furniture category is that today’s newer homes often have asymmetrical layouts, which provide the ideal canvas for the wide assortment of accent furniture style available today.

So what are among the hottest trends in home accent furniture for 2016, a segment that was projected to comprise 26% of the home accents universe in 2014 with a total of $16 billion in retail sales? Here are a few of the trend leaders from the Uttermost collections.

  • One-of-a-kind pieces: accent items that blend reclaimed wood with stone, metal, or glass and provide a bold yet organic statement.
  • Genre layering, traditional furniture accented with mid-century flair: Imaging a classic French sofa contrasted with a mid-century coffee table.

Nicoline, Serving Cart, accent furniture

Nicoline, Serving Cart from Uttermost

Sameya, Accent Table

Sameya, Accent Table from Uttermost
  • Brass and gold: To add pops of shine and elegance to soothing neutrals.
Laton, Accent Table
Laton, Accent Table from Uttermost