8 Hot Trends to Try in Your Home

You don't have to be an interior designer to introduce swoon-worthy decor' to your home--you just have to find the inspiration. Use these awe-inspiring ideas to give your house the stylish update it deserves. Then give our Design Concierge Team a call to help you complete your project--for free--when you shop ClarkBetty.com

1. Simple-but-Stunning Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are the building blocks for many stylish kitchens and bathrooms. You can lay your subway tile in patterns, purchase fun-colored tiles to highlight designs or go with the always-in-style white tile look. Subway tiles also function as more than an accent. Tile-covered kitchen walls reduce cleanup time, expand your space and give your kitchen texture. For more inspiration, click the link below and complete our survey

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2. Wowing White Kitchen

White opens up small spaces, beautifies larger Kitchen layouts and shows off stunning design elements. Attention-grabbing backsplashes, stunning sinks fixtures and dark countertops pop nicely against the backdrop of a white kitchen. To work with our design team click the survey link below.

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3. Beautifying Barn Doors

Barn doors serve as high-end focal points and handy solutions for wide openings and hard-to-style spaces like bathrooms, pantries and dining room entryways. You can install glass and stainless steel models to match modern décor, dark wood and wrought iron for a rustic flair or plain cedar slats to establish a neutral aesthetic.


4. Room-Transforming Tray Ceilings

Tray ceilings feature a center section that is raised several inches higher than the perimeter of the room. You can paint the heightened portion of your ceiling a room-complementing color to deepen the look of your space. Or you can use reclaimed wood or other materials to highlight your raised ceiling. Introduce lighting accents to your tray ceiling by adding a chandelier or pendant lighting.4. Simple-but-Stunning 

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5. Radiant Reclaimed Wood

You can use reclaimed wood for a variety of design solutions. Accents walls, coffee tables and shelving units are popular destinations for reclaimed wood. Distressed lumber is also perfect for larger design projects like new flooring, ceiling refurbishments and staircase updates.


6. With-It Walk-In Showers

A walk-in shower will add to the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. Curbless walk-ins offer safe entry and exit and lend themselves to modern designs. In fact, many safety- and style-conscious homeowners are replacing their tubs with walk-in designs. Also, benches, handrails and other comfort-related features are easy to include in walk-in showers.


7. Upscale Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks’ unbroken lines give your kitchen and countertops a sleek, modern look. You can choose from a variety of materials and styles to ensure that your undermount sink increases the functionality of your kitchen and matches the décor. Undermounted designs also eliminate crumbs and food residue from building up around the edges of your sink — which helps in maintaining a clean kitchen.

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8. Haute Hardwood Floors

Recent trends like grayed hardwood, reclaimed lumber and wide-plank designs are popular alternatives to conventional wood flooring. These new hardwood looks serve as breath-taking focal points and picture-perfect complements to your existing décor. Match these hardwood trends to any design style — from mid-century to eclectic — for a beautiful update to your flooring.

Nan & EJ Mehl