blogfeatureimage.jpgWhen you order furniture online, it’s a constant battle:

  • Is this worth the price?
  • What’s the shipping? The return policy?
  • Is it high-quality?
  • Does the picture do it justice?
  • Will it work in my space?

Shopping online can be incredibly beneficial, but buying quality furniture, lighting, or home decor and accessories online can be relatively stressful. This is where comes to the rescue.

We have a unique Interior Designer Program that incentivizes Interior Design Professionals to work with us — which means we have connections with Designers who can help you make your home exactly what you want it to be. Whether you’re interested in boho chic, modern, classic, or another aesthetic, we have the furniture, lighting and home decor to make it happen and our connections with Interior Designers offer the resources you need. Read below to learn why to work with an Interior Designer before you order furniture online, and then contact us today to make the magic happen!

You’ll Save Time

Do you know how many hours you can spend browsing affordable furniture online? When shopping with a furniture store online, you maximize your options and can virtually find whatever you’re looking for. However, with so many options, it’s hard to not get lost in the weeds. Before you know it, you’ve spent hours shopping for your dream room — and you’re no closer to a decision!

By working with an Interior Design Professional, you can have them do the legwork for you. You can still be involved in the process, of course, but it doesn’t have to take hours away from time you could spend with family and friends.

You’ll Save Money


Most people think hiring an Interior Designer is too expensive. However, when you order furniture online, you could be hit with shipping or return costs that make your own endeavors arguably more expensive. On top of this, Interior Designers can often provide cost-saving prices and ideas when you work with them — prices that you likely can’t access when you order furniture online by yourself. Ideas that they hold close to the vest and are privy only to the customers they serve. Compound this with saving time (and time is money), and you’ll notice that it’s actually more affordable to work with an Interior Design Professional.

Your Home Will Look Its Best

You want your home to be YOUR HOME, your haven. While you may think you know what you like, Interior Design Professionals have vast experience with a wide range of styles. In fact, they may be able to introduce you to a new piece of furniture or a new style that you never would’ve thought of when sitting down to order furniture online. They’ll understand your space, the sizes, and the various styles that will look best and help you feel like you’ve truly made your oasis.

Order Furniture Online Today

When it comes to shopping furniture stores online, you can count on We offer the lightinghome decor' and accessoriesquality furnishings, a mission to help you make your home YOUR HOME — and we can pair you with an Interior Designer so you can save time and money while making your home look better than ever.


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